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Our Mission

Re-Evolution: The Cuban Dream is a documentary film and corresponding engagement campaign focused on stimulating constructive conversations around an often polarizing topic, Contemporary Cuba.

To enable this to happen we are partnering with cultural centers, academic institutions and community groups to facilitate a reflexive look at Cuba, Nationhood and inviting participants to reflect on the role we all play in shaping the world we belong to.

Film Summary

Diving into the streets of Havana, we meet three artists, a social worker, an ethnographer and everyday people on their journey to thrive and survive in a rapidly shifting society. Over the past 6 years, the private sector has expanded 11 times, Cuba’s socialist safety net is dwindling, and despite Fidel Castro’s death and Barack Obama’s historic visit to the island, there is a sense among Cubans that not so much has changed. Deepening our understanding of contemporary Cuba, Re-Evolution explores the intersections of personal and national identity and how revolutions, big and small, are shaping the world every day.

Get Connected

What is your dream for Cuba? Re-Evolution brings together diverse ideas and opinions around the common goal of envisioning a better future for Cuba. Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

“Years have passed, we have more experience, we’ve learned from our errors. And we need to open up our horizons; we have to make sure art is used to express oneself.”

Tammy Lopez, Artist

“A country’s history is not only constructed from the top down but also from the bottom up.”

Zuleika Romay, Social Investigator

“If we were to come up with a consensus for a national dream that would be a much more democratic process. Then we could talk about a Cuban Dream.”

Wilfredo Polmares, Social Worker

Humanity is constantly developing through revolution. A revolution of ideas, of thinking, of science and technology. It’s not just political, it’s something bigger.