What does it mean to be revolutionary?

Re-Evolution: The Cuban Dream is a documentary film that traces culture through momentous historical events dating back to Fidel Castro’s 1959 Revolution. Intimate personal insights, and in-depth expert interviews explore this complex moment where foreign, capitalist influence is flooding a landscape that continues to hold on to revolutionary, socialist ideology.

Despite being just ninety miles from the United States, Cuba and the US remain estranged siblings. In the Spring of 2016 on an unprecedented visit, President Obama worked with Raul Castro and Cuban officials towards a “normalization” process. Now, Trump’s policy is closing the door on Cuba, bringing into question what is “normal” in contemporary foreign policy.

One effect of this half decade long blockade is a lack of exchange; exchanges of goods, of ideas, and of stories. There is a gaping hole in the US consciousness as to our shared history. Now, after more than sixty years of conflict and sacrifice, the Cuban dream remains the same : independence.