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History is a process and story.

You can’t understand completely a society if you don’t understand how this society has arrived at the present moment. And that is what there is today in Cuba.


Share your story of what Cuba means to you.


Organize a screening and use Re-Evolution as a springboard for discussion around an often polarizing and misunderstood topic: Contemporary Cuba.

Re-Evolution has been a valuable entry point for cultural centers, colleges and universities, travel agencies, and communities to get an intimate look at contemporary Cuba from leading thought leaders and artists.

Organize a Screening

Curriculum and Programs

Audiences like and appreciate the opportunity to evaluate information in the context of their own lives; this reflective look at Cuba, nationhood and individual identity provokes a diversity, intimacy, and creativity to their responses.
Teachers can use the film as a teaching tool with our curriculum on contemporary Cuba and nation-building. For group screenings, we also provide supportive programming to facilitate discussions around the film. Subjects in the film, and the filmmakers are available to present the film with an introduction and Q+A either in person or via Skype.