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Re-Evolution: The Cuban Dream

Diving into the streets of Havana, we meet three artists, a social worker, an ethnographer and everyday people on their journey to thrive and survive in a rapidly shifting society.

Deepening our understanding of contemporary Cuba, Re-Evolution explores the intersections of personal and national identity and how revolutions, big and small, are shaping the world every day.


You can talk about revolution all you want, but what revolution if you don’t first revolutionize yourself.

Leosbel Jimenez

The majority of people are part of the history of the place where we grew up, where we lived, of the countries we belong to. But we don’t always reflect on our relationship with the history or our role in the history.

Zuleika Romay

The history of the united States and Cuba encompass revolution and conflict, struggle and sacrifice, retribution and now, reconciliation.

President Barack Obama

“What is the Cuban Dream? I think you have to study that deeply. I think there are different dreams”